Majority in Bengal Supports Nano Project

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In two years since the land acquisition movement rocked Singur; the Trinamool Chief Mamata Banerjee had come to know well that there were people from among her own rank and file, who clutched on to the Nano Plant in Singur for their livelihood and prosperity. These TMC supporters have now turned against her. TMC dominated syndicate that used to supply construction material to the Nano factory and other allied factories in Singur have turned against Mamata Banerjee. All this while Trinamool Chief was talking about land losers of the disputed area, but did not thought for the majority of land owners who willingly gave 600 acres of land. Now these people are frustrated and one of them has committed suicide.

 In a study by ASSOCHAM covering 2000 people in 12 districts of the state of West Bengal, it was found that around 1700 people which accounts to about 85 % of the surveyed population supports Nano Project in Singur. They were of the opinion that Tata should be persuaded to stay put at Singur as their exit could stop the industrialization of the State. ASSOCHAM study also revealed that 1400 people i.e. 70 % held that the current problem faced by the small car project was due to it’s over politicization. On the issue of offering a compensation package to affected land losers of the controversial 400 acres at the Nano Plant site, over 60 % respondents suggested that a tripartite meeting of land losers, local administration and Tata Motors officials should be held immediately to redesign the compensation package for all land losers. Over 60% of survey participants said that the Tata should shell out “a little more from their kitty” to remove dissatisfaction and enable Tata Motors to execute the project as scheduled.

Brand Bengal is set to suffer huge loss if Tata’s ultimately decides to pullout from Singur and relocate their Nano factory outside West Bengal. There are many automobile projects that will be in danger in case Tata pulls out. These projects include Tractors India Limited and Radial Tyres. Tractors India Limited has sought 50 acres at Kharagpur for its Rs. 5000 million crane manufacturing unit and Radial Tyres has sought 400 acres at Kharagpur for its Rs. 4000 million project. Even Jindal, which has proposed to invest Rs.350, 000 million has expressed uncertainties after Mamata Banerjee started agitation in Singur. Abhirup Sarkar, professor of economics, Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) said, “We will lose in terms investments. But what about the other related losses? For instance, the aspiring middle class will lose. So will the farmer.”


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9 Responses to “Majority in Bengal Supports Nano Project”

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Not only majority in Bengal but also
majority in Trinamool supporters want Nano
project in Singur but they can’t say anything
‘fearing’ their didi… a danger didi …

why the govt. has taken the fertile land for
Is it a dememocracy, when govt. acquire some
ones property to make others rich?

To save bengal, mamata banerjee has to be
thrown out along with her band of idiots. We
must rise now and ensure that she is booted out
from this state. She is our enemy. Lets do
something. Its time for Jihad against mamata.

Jihad against mamata?

If you are willing to hire a hitman to kill her I am willing to pay his fees.

In Uttaranchal Tatas have to pay a rent per sq.m, which they don’t have to in all probabilities they won’t make the move..don’t worry friends, we, the city bred can still dream of NANO, so what if a ‘few’ farmers are pushed down the social ladder from cultivators to domestic help, or rickshaw pullers!

Can Mamta Banerjee feed 10000 people on her own, if she cannot then she has no right to stop this kind of project which will generate thousands of Job. She has done this protest for herself just to remind people that despite such unimpressive political carrier, she is still alive.Its really very sad that at a time when majority of west bengal’s poor class is moving to Delhi mainly or other metro areaa in search of job and end up pulling rickshow or some cheap jobs, their own minister thrashed the opportunity of working in their own state and leaving them on some one elses mercy. Has Mamta Banerjee not seen the struggling life their state people are living in Delhi. Why not she wants them to have employement? 10000 direct jobs earn better lively hood to atleast 40000 people directly and other 10000-20000 persons indirectly. Can Mamta Banerjee give this much of assurity that this much family will not suufer, their children will get good eductaion.
There might have been some good ways to negotiate. They could have fixed the high rate for land as per the Area and also assurance of jobs to the local persons.Doesnot mamta banerjee knows that an Indian Farmer is so rich that he is forced to commit suicide in almost all part of country due to laon or pinury.
If i could ever have a chance to meet you Ms. Banerjee, i feel like slapping you for taking away food from people’s mouth….

I find it it ludicrous,that somebody should suggest that tata dole out additional from its kitty to propitiate the warring faction,so that brand bengal does not suffer.If one is so concerned then be ready to pay for it by way of funds from your pocket,after all state funds are also your funds by way of your taxes.

As of now there seems to be a political void in Bengal.The CPM is led by Karat & CO. who care a fig about bengal and have their own agenda.And we have the worst frankenstein in the garb of a lady.
Congress remains impotent because it is contented with Malda/Murshidabad,and pranab mukherjee cannot be spared for state politics,as there is a national agenda laid out for him.
Bengal lacks a leader having both statesmanship and a vision,basu had the former qualities and Buddha the latter,but twain seldom meet.Even if they meet, the party holds back and then there are the coalition partners,who are best dumped.
Just a dream,if someone with the credentials of Somnath Chatterjee launches a party of right thinking individuals,single mindedly devoted to the cause of progress in Bengal.With handpicked people,Technocrats if need be,and not rabble rousers who handle a prtfolio with understanding the finer nuances of profession.A group of people who would not hesitate to take action when confronted with the choice of popularity(read votes)versus the rule of law.Maybe it is just a dream.Or a seed to the usher in the purest political order.I’m sure that the aspirations of the silent majority would one day triumph over the didi’s of the world

I’m confounded by “anonymous”comments and surprised by “Mayukh”.Even after the historic blunder you have not come to your senses.My friend democracy also says that for a larger interest,smaller interests can be overlooked.However in this case even the smaller interests had been taken care of.However the extent could be percieved differently by different people,and in any case there is no end to greed.But that cannot be a reason to block the aspirations & progress of 9 crore bengalis and the overall image of Bengal.

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