Does Mamata Banerjee want to shutdown Tata Nano Singur Plant?

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Mamata Banerjee has been voicing provocative speeches to instigate Trinamool supporters to cause vandalism in Singur. She has reneged on her promise of peaceful protest. From today, no Tata employee will be allowed to enter the Nano Plant. The announcement came from Naxalite leader Purnendu Bose, who is now with Krishi Jami Raksha Committee. The arm-twisting tactics by Mamata Banerjee is aimed at bringing the state government to its knees and accept Trinamool Congress demand of returning 400 acres to unwilling farmers.

Yesterday, buoyed by the presence of student members of her party at Nano site, she blasted Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya. Taking a cue, agitators hurled abuses at Tata employees inside the compound. When a convoy of six buses carrying engineers drove out of Vendor 4 gate at 4 pm, the protestors leaded by Anuradha Talwar, blocked the road and barracked the employees. Three of the buses managed to get way, but three other was confined inside the plant for hours until police rescued them. No work was done in the evening shift at the plant. Even Trinamool supporters threatened workers and asked them not to join work on Friday.

After Sunday’s mammoth turnout at Singur, the number of agitators had begun to thin. This is simply because on Sunday Trinamool leaders had packed buses with poor people mostly from slums by giving them temptation of free food and even in some cases free money. I know this because our house maid servant had joined this rally on Sunday for food and money. Yesterday, after days Trinamool congress had a lot of supporters because of Trinamool Chatra Parisad members. They joined the rally around 11 am.

Mamata Banerjee even asked people to boycott regional dailies like Ananda Bazar Patrika and local television channels like Star Ananda and 24 Ghanta, because they were showing that her agitation has stand stilled traffic in Durgapur Expressway and the nearby districts like Burdwan was suffering. Trinamool supporters also tried to heckle the journalists present at the agitation site.

A state BJP delegation which met Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on Thursday to discuss Singur imbroglio, supported the government in issue of industrialization. BJP said they didn’t support Mamata’s agitation or demand of returning 400 acres. This seemed to be in line with Mamata’s increasing polarity towards Congress before the next Lok Sabha elections.

Alarmed by the Singur imbroglio, the captains of industry have appealed to the government and the opposition to see reasons. S.K. Todi, Chairman of Shrachi group said, “For the interests of Bengal’s citizens, it is very important that the Singur crisis is resolved. I know industrialists abroad are watching the developments. We have to do something immediately as the time is running out”.

“There are many here who will be glad if the compensation amount is hiked. But most of us can not say so in public as it is contrary to the demand put forward by the Krishi Jami Raksha Committee leadership. Some political parties don’t want the matter to be resolved till the next general elections next year” said a land loser. Karna Ghosh, a Trinamool supporter does not subscribe to the leader’s view that Tatas should pack up if the disputed land is not returned. He said “It’s not a practical demand. I too was against selling my multi-crop plot. But when I realized that I can not save my land anymore, I formed syndicate to supply building material to the factory. Others have found different ways to earn a living.” Satyaprakash Das of Sahana Para does not want Tata Nano Plant to be shifted else where. He said “I don’t know how much Bengal will suffer but Singur will be pushed back a 100 years.”


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20 Responses to “Does Mamata Banerjee want to shutdown Tata Nano Singur Plant?”

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in future the students of history will read mamata’s name along with mirjafar if she can force the tata-s to leave west bengal.

Its a earnest request to all to come forward and raise your voice against the vandalism caused by TMC (Mamata Banerjee and associates)and alliance at Singur. To protect our right for a job, the TATA project in Singur(WB) is very much required. It will ensure the state’s future industrialization and good job opportunities.


We want Tatas to remain in Singur. Nano zindabad…Mamata murdabad…

Mamata always believes in chaos.During her student life , she had hurled stone on Jay Prakash Narayan.She does not have any positive thinking.Probably she had an unhappy childhood.Can she say how will the farmers of singur benefit if TATAs leave Bengal? She is not really interested in protecting the interests of the farmers.She is interested in her own political gain.

7 Reasons why Mamata Bannerjee is an Idiot

1. She is a hypocrite: Mamata Bannerjee is saying she is not against industry. She wants industry and agriculture to exist side by side. Liar! She has been demanding that TATA Motors give back 400 acres of land to the unwilling farmers. TATA Motors has said several times that the factory and the ancillary units must be made together, to avoid transportation costs. If transportation costs are added, the world’s cheapest car cannot be manufactures. To give back 400 acres of land means top stop the plant for the world’s cheapest car.
2. She is a petty rowdy: How dare Mamata Bannerjee blocks a national highway for 8 days, holds back 20,000 trucks, 80,000 truck employees, and lets perishable goods worth Rs 200 crore rot for 4 days! She did not even allow ambulances to pass with patients and dead-bodies. She is no different from rowdies, who give pain to common people, hold them hostage, and cause waste of goods and property. Shame!
3. She is a liar: She promised a ‘peaceful’ siege. She lied. On the fifth day of her siege of the TATA Motors factory we saw her people stopping the engineers (including foreigners) and workers of TATA Motors from leaving the factory. They were held up for an hour for the not so peaceful supporters of Mamata, who threatened the workers not to come from the next day. We saw that the workers of TATA Motors did not turn up from the sixth day in fear of getting physically attacked and assaulted.
4. She is impractical: She says she will not stop till she gets back 400 acres of land from the TATAs. The plots of the unwilling farmers are scattered throughout the 1000 acres of land being used for the TATA Motors plant. She knows this; yet she keeps saying she wants these plots back. Which means, she wants the plant to wind up. Without winding up the plant, it is not possible to return the plots to the unwilling farmers. Yet she dares to say, “Let industry and agriculture co-exist!” Secondly, the present law does not allow the government to return any land to the previous owners. Land once acquired, can only be auctioned to the highest bidder.
5. She is selfish: She is ignoring the pleas of millions of willing people, who want progress and industrialization, just for her petty political gains. She has an eye on the vote bank of the villages of West Bengal, and that is her driving force rather than anything else. She knows very well, the land cannot be used for agriculture anymore. Thousands of people in West Bengal are scared about their future if the wheel of progress is halted by this selfish opposition leader. People in thousands have been coming to Salt Lake Sector V to give their signatures. They are unanimous that the state of West Bengal has to move on. Those who want to halt this progress are nothing but the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.
6. She is short sighted: She is short sighted to realize that the state of West Bengal at present is nowhere in the map of developed states of India, which are magnets for investors. The coming of TATA Motors was probably the silver lining and an opportunity for West Bengal and Kolkata to move ahead at par with developed places like Bangaluru, Hydrabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Noida and New Delhi. If TATA Motors has to go back from Singur, that will not doubt be a very sad incident and a very dark day for West Bengal. It will be followed by a heavy exodus of intelligent people (phenomenon known as ‘brain drain’) out of West Bengal in the next few years.
7. She is an idiot: The land which she wants back cannot be used for agriculture for the next 15 – 20 years, according to experts, as it has been filled with cement, gravel and fly ash till 15 feet depth. Thus, if TATA Motors leaves Singur and goes to another state, the land she is demanding for the unwilling farmers will lie barren and unutilized for the next 15 – 20 years, and the greatest losers will be the farmers for whom she is fighting.


“Mamata hatao nano bachao”

I see no one supporting Mamta but still she is troubling India and its image. She is snatching job oppertunity and singur golden future from the current fate of the state. Shame on her for acting politically motivated all the time

As soon as Mamata leaves West Bengal, the better for the State. Mad dogs should always be avoided.

Please do not blame Mamta Banerjee.
She seriuosly requires a psychiatrist.
Lets pool in money to send her to consult the best one soon before she causes more damage.

Mamata Banerjee should be sent to a mental hopital, the sooner the better. It will be of national interest if someone could get her admitted.

i think mamta Banerjee want destroy industrial development in Bengal.this is bed luck of India that we are having the leader like mamta.I am living far from India but we always pray to God good about our India please mamta ji leave your dirty politics and think about the progress of Bengal and our India…..

‘Mamata Bannerjee’ Yes its her, The bigger wonder than NANO.

I ask her where is she taking West Bengal to?

Oh god, why am I saying this, Does any body care. It is so heartening to see some people still supporting her, but i ask for What reason; are they BLIND? or rather lost their MIND.

Surely they don’t want good for West Bengal. The only thing she and her blind supporters want or understand is VOTE.

So best of luck to her for the Coming Elections, ‘Just Wait n watch’ COZ there are many who are NOT BLIND and possess rational MIND. Mind which DREAMS and looks Forward rather harp on past.

And to MR. Ratan Tata, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE WEST BENGAL. It is not only your company which is at stake, but now it involves the farmers who have willingly given away their land hoping for a Great Future, and INNUMERABLE people here who had already started to think beyond what West Bengal today is.

NANO has already Impacted not only India but also the entire world at large. Its is really awsome that TATA is now not only the owner of one of the most COSTLIEST and Sought after Car, but will also become the owner of the CHEAPEST and Sought after Car. Only an INDIAN can do this and I believe we all should be proud for this.

Though I’m an bengali I’m forced to work abroad
for a job. By the industrilization in west
bengal it will help more than 999999999999
bengalies to stay with our family and mother
land. But the unwanted, unplanned & ideotic
agitation by MAMATA BANERJEE is killing our
dreams. This is my heartest request to Mamata
and everybody pls pray God to give her some
brain and realistic thinking.

it is a shame that some people still support mamata banerjee regardless of what she’s been doing in west bengal …she’s a terrorist in her own home town…!!!!

it is also a shame that her supporters had used tata sumos to reach the “dharna” site..she’s againt industrialization so she should not use anything that comes out of an industry itself…!!!

Mamata Banerjee should be ashamed of what she’s done. She’s jeopardized he state’s progress to further her own political ambitions. West Bengal can do without people like her. West Bengal’s loss will be another state’s gain. Mamata Banerjee, i hope you rot in hell.

guys, lets stop naming mamta banerji..
lets accept the truth…. not a single rational person in bengal would even want to know her, yet we’ve been tolerating her antics for over 2 decades.
history is the biggest testimony, whenever revolution has erupted from bengal, it has come with reasons and vision. i guess, we as a responsible citizen of bengal should not allow and 2 cent mindless, baseless and illiterate moron to ruin the future of our state.
kindly join hands as one to banish her from bengal.

I had predicted that the Tata’s would leave Bengal as soon as the Trinamool Congress started its agitation. My friends said I was crazy but I based it on some kind of logic.
The Congress under Sonia Gandhi were
taking their revenge on the Communist
govt of Bengal for the no confidence
motion attempt by Karat and gang in
Parliament. There is no way the Trinamool
Congress could have organised such
resistance without the assistance of the
The Congress were also never great supporters of the Tata’s since the days of Gandhiji and had always backed the Birla group. They killed two birds with one stone. However they never thought that the BJP would jump in with an offer to host the Nano in Gujarat.
Round one to the Tata’s and the BJP at the expense of the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the CPM.

I’m surprised ,that even after the historic blunder,mamata has the gall to go on.And surprise! she still has urban educated supporters and sympathisers.
Let her sympathisers like kabir suman, Aparna Sen & Shaoli Mitra be banished from the hallowed demi god status,a status by virtue of which they have taken the people of Bengal for a ride.
CPM or no CPM we want mamata to be thrown out of the collective memory of a civilised bengal.Let her TMC have no representation in the parliament.Let us through our ballots give her a timely burial.

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