Solutions to Singur Deadlock

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Industrialist, who owns more than 300 acres of land right opposite the Tata Nano Car plant, has no issues handing it over to government to solve Singur deadlock. As of now, 25 firms of the total 55 ancillaries, which were allotted land within the fenced-off Tata Motors compound, have started construction. These include Amtek Auto, Caparo Engineering, Kinetic Engineering, Bosch, Lucas TVS, Exide, Tata Ryerson, Lumax and Sona Kayo. It can be decided that the remaining 30 ancillary units can be relocated to the huge stretch opposite Tata Motors plant. The government can then auction the land and distribute the profits to land-losers and farmers or it can also be given free to those affected. The government can also relocate unwilling land-losers to 300 acre plot. But a lot depends on what Trinamool Chief decides. It is an uphill task but Mamata Banerjee should decide to it soon, if we have to save industry in West Bengal. The industry as a whole feels that the impasse needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. Probably as a consequence of this turmoil, delegations from key German states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Baden-Wurttemberg have left Kolkata out of their itinerary during their India visit between August and December, 2008. Bavaria hosts BMW, while the headquarters of Volkswagen are located in Lower Saxony. Baden-Wurttemberg is the home to Daimler and Porsche. Although German investments in West Bengal has increased from 2003, the amount is still meager compared to the amount flowing into traditional hotspots. Today in his address to managing committee members of Assocham, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has announced that he will have sincere efforts to solve Singur problem and also added that he will make every efforts including even speaking against his party dictum to prevent strike in the state so that industry and commerce can flourish.

According to Assocham, the Singur issue has not deterred industrialists from making big ticket investments in the state and the state economy is flourishing. The state saw an investment of Rs.870, 370 million during January to June, 2008. The investors include L&T, Vedanta, Videocon, Emaar, Shyam group, etc


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5 Responses to “Solutions to Singur Deadlock”

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It serves Mamata right to hold on to this issue till the end,she is sure to make inroads into hitherto uncharted territories.Also the CPM gains from the fact if Tatas finally pull out,that would prove a point with the gentry.But in the midst of this political tug of war,where does it leave ,the future aspirants,the of Crores of young and educated.The so called intellectuals have created a frankenstien out of Mamata.It is time the
people assert themselves and not remain mute spectators.
The media needs to send a single message and not a convoluted message, which everybody understands, and not equivocate on issues.

Mamata keep on doing what you do the best while we prepare to migrate to saner places outside bengal.All the best to you and your compatriots,Do make Bengal the land of protests & militant haven for anti establishment groups who believe in destruction opposed to creation.For destruction is easier done than creation.

Dear Tamal,

Thanks for your comments. But it is not “gherao” one is talking about – tho’ it sounds a bit funny to hear Buddha saying in a gathering of industrialists yesterday that, he doesn’t believe in “bandhs”, when Calcutta was the only metro city and airport paralysed as late as last week by his own party’s trade-union wing CITU ( who btw has disowned his statement promptly). what i was talking about is that, a party whose credo has been to “fight for the landless” and which has systematically destroyed the “industrial work culture” in the state can’t hope to make a 360 degree turn overnight.

Even if you ask Buddha – why did they chose Singur of all places in the state – his glib answer is ( as he had said on TV not too long ago ) is “bacause the Tatas didn’t like any of the other locations that we showed to them”.

But, be that as it may was there any attempt at “consensus” building for a move of such magnitude ? even till date – the government and the party are reluctant to have a dialogue with the protesting group and sit on the negotiating table and prefer to either ‘posture’ from a distance or make hollow assertions that ( like he again did yesterday ) that we can’t allow the Tatas to leave the state. As I wrote in my piece – irrespective of whether the Tatas stay or go, the damage to the state’s image has already been done – and it would set-back WB’s efforts for an industrial resurgence by several years as investors would now think twice as hard before coming to bengal.

And, all this I believe was due to a “monumenta; miscalculation” of CM and his party leaders that they would be able to overcome any resistance or challenge on the ground with the help of their cadres and local bosses – not very different from the mistake they had committed in Nandigram – but refused to learn from it.

that’s why i say the CPM is repaing the fruits of the seeds they have sown over the last 30years ( tho’ I don’t want to sound like Buddha when he had said “they are being paid back in their own coin” when Nandigram happened).

Anyways, I am glad that we are having such a debate and exchange of views.

Cheers, : Nano Vision

I want to register my following queries to the so-called supporter of TATA and NANO plant (mostly commies intellectuals):
· Who is responsible for this fiasco?

– Definitely TATAs and WB Govt. Why TATA has chosen the fertile lands of Singur and not some barren lands of Birbhum or Bankura? Why WB Govt. try to bulldoze the land acquisition without taking the farmers and the opposition into confidence? Why the agreement between TATA and Govt. is still not published and kept secret? Why 1897 land acquisition law (which is meant for some Govt. project of public importance) was applied to acquire lands for private industry? CPI(M) has now become a party of promoters and real estate agent in WB. They think that their party workers can earn more if they bring big industries at any cost to Bengal because that will inflate the real estate market. So CPI(M) is now after industrialization even at the cost of poor farmers. We want answers on all these from the supporter of TATA plant before criticizing the agitation.

· Why the situation is different from other states?

– The scnerio in WB is different than other states because firstly the lands are much more fertile than the barren lands used for industry in other states like Maharashtra. Secondly people are very poor and depend solely on small pieces of land as their sole means of livelihood. If the land is taken away with whatever compensation, the whole family will lose their earning and they will become labourer. So to create employment of about 10000 people in Nano plant (mostly out of state engineers and labourers and a few Bengali as clerk) actually we will create 10000 unemployed (land owner and their family members). This is not development. Who will benefit from the Nano car? The middle class, who have power to purchase a car and not the Farmers.

· What if TATA agrees to return 400 acre of land?
– Some logic is given that if the land is returned that is not cultivable now because it has lost its fertility. But presnt land rate of Singur is 45 lakh per acre whereas the Govt rate is 12 lakh per acre. The farmers even cannot do cultivation can sell the land at higher price for real estate and be benefited.

· What if TATA leave Singur?

– TATA chosen Singur and WB not out of any affection to Bengal or for its development. They have calculated that since WB is one of the cheapest parts of India and since it is near to their steel plant at Jamshedpur, they can save a lot of money to produce the car and can sell that at cheapest price. This is not possible in Maharashtra or Gujarat where the cost of living is very high which will escalate the car price. So I don’t think they will leave WB. If they do so, only part of investment of 1500 crore will be lost which was used for land filling, labour cost etc. Other things like structures, machineries can be dismantled and taken to new site and reused. So total loss of TATA will be only 150-200 crore out of 1500 crore.
– To make comments on the question raised from some quarter about the cost of Rs. 2.5 lakh per day to continue this dharna and the source of that money. Why not this question of source of money is not raised when MPs are bought openly to win trust vote, or when national parties do their convention, hiring stadium and offer free foods to thousands of their supporters? Why this is raised only for Trinamul? The allegation that this agitation will harm image of India, may I ask the image of India is not harmed when MPs show money in parliament or Christian missionaries are killed in Orissa or innocent Muslims are butchered in Gujarat? Only image is hurt when poor farmers agitate to get their land back?

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