Attacks on Christians in Orissa-Woman burnt alive

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Victims of Communal Violence in Orissa

Victims of Communal Violence in Orissa

Mobs seeking revenge for the killing of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati  and his four disciples burned churches and prayer halls in several parts of Orissa. This left atleast two people charred including a woman who worked in a church. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) sponsored supporters attacked and ransacked a church run orphanage at Phutpali and set it on fire. The 22 –year woman , Rajani Majhi, a student of Padampur Women’s College ,who used take care of children in the orphanage was burnt to death. There are 22 children in the orphanage and they are all safe.



Apart from vandalizing around 24 churches and prayer halls, the VHP supporters also attacked houses belonging to Christians, educational institutions and police posts throughout the day. A mob set 28 houses on fire in Roopa village of Khandmal


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10 Responses to “Attacks on Christians in Orissa-Woman burnt alive”

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The persecution of Christians in the hands of hindus in India and Nepal and in the hands of muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh is not new.

The latest killings of the Christians in Khandmal in Orissa is another chapter of atrocities against Christians. The BJP (VHP) sponsored violence against Christians is an irrefutable fact that the BJP hindu fundamentalists don’t want to see Christians in India. Their aim is to eliminate the Christians from the India and Nepal as the muslims are doing in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We the Christians of this regions are always neglected since the independence of India and the rule of monarchy in Nepal.

Now it is a high time for all of us Christians to think for our Independence from the hands of these terrorist states. Since we Christians don’t have any development in the hands of these Christian Exploiting countries.

Pakistan was created for the muslims on the basis of religion. So we need Independent States from all these countries, so we can live in peace and develop ourselves.

Will the government of India will set up a CBI and International Inquiries comprising of United States of America and Europe) in this recent violence in Orissa, against Christians and punish the VHP terrorist.

Or we Christians take up arms for our independence ?

Hi Hi Hi..Christian Crusade now you want a new country.. wow wonderful…”We the Christians of this regions are always neglected since the independence of India and the rule of monarchy in Nepal”.. Hey man there were only a few Christians in these states during the Independence of INDIA.. within 50 years the Christian population of Orissa had grown to 4 Lakhs from a few thousands…and this happened due to the alleged conversions taking place in tribal area by christian missionaries in the name of service. Let them do service but their actual aim is to gradually re route the tribal beliefs to Christianity.. and this caused a religious imbalance in Orissa and turned out to be a communal violance. If Christian missionaries stop this merchandising of Christianity through food and service then all problems will end. So shut up your baseless allegations and just get lost.

HELLO Indian,

Don’t be for name sake Indian. My Lord has created this whole world. You Think that beating and killing the innocent christens will end the conversation. You understand first, Christan won’t convert anyone. Its your own decision that whether you want to worship only idols made up of mere mud, which have eyes but can’t see, which have nose but can’t smell which have ears but can’t hear. Or else you want to worship the creator itself. Don’t think that christens cant do anything. We don’t require any human support because god is always with righteous person. My Lord himself will answer you. You people have killed this my brothers and sisters who are completely blameless but I am happy because they will be with my Jesus. At least they suffer here on earth but they will earn the reward in heaven. But think of your people, you will come to know when you experience yourself in fire in hell. I am challenging you, you start watching from today onwards. Our cry won’t waste, our prayers wont go without answering. You see Jesus will give you reply, People you have done this will bag for help but nobody will be there for grant you help nether BJP nor RSS not even any higher politician. So its you time now whether you wan’t to turn yourself right now or still you have something left doing for my christen brother and sisters. You do whatever possible to harm our innocent people but remember My lord who have created this haven and earth is capable of also destroying it within a second. But still you confess and even though if your sins are as red as blood, but if return to my Jesus, he is also capable of forgiving you. Later don’t be ashamed or don’t tell that I didn’t get the time to repent myself , because my Lord is capable of distroing your orrisa , India and this whole world but still he is slow in showing anger and great in having mercy.
But remember one thing: my Jesus will answer the cry’s and the prayer of Christan brother and sister at the earliest. The same people who have killed and burnt my innocent christens people will beg for help…………But no one will be there………
I am in Christ what about you…

Jesus said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

eikuoqdx zbvnhxog nfyobut djeo pokfiatm oqufdsj cskgzhor

I think it is time for the christians to call on their allies and take up arms against their enemies.

How much do you know about India let alone the goings on Khandamal in Orissa.
I wonder how you dared to say you need a independent state now for Christians. Are you insane how much more do you want to divide people in the name of religion and race.
India is a large democracy with people from different faiths living together; and when you have such a large number of people belonging to different faiths living together you are bound to have disagreements. Incidents like Khandamal are rare and should not be blown out of proportion.
One more thing I would like to highlight, you must have heard the phrase to clap you need both your hands. If VHP and Bajrang Dal went berseck it was because of the Christian missionaries that are into rampant conversions of tribals into christians.
I am not justifying the acts of vandalism infact they should be condemned to the strictest possible way, but just think once do you really think its possible that everybody would turn against christian missionaries without any reason.

Dear People, Dog doesn’t kill another dog or any other animal for that matter, but why are we doing all this. No one has the authority to kill human being. God decides who should live and who should die. We are Human beings made as per the image of God, God lives in a Heart which has no evil. Christianity is not about conversions its all about loving all the people without any condition. Christianity talks about conversion in one and only way… CONVERT FROM DOING EVIL TO GOOD….It’s left to individual whether they want it or not. Nobody can lead people to god except Christ. Christians are the people who believe and obey his commandments; we love all the people who has red blood. Never hurt any human being because you have no authority to create or destroy them except all mighty god, Take a minute to think about GOD. He loves you because he is your creator. Try to find out what you’re missing in life. Some people don’t even know what they are missing they don’t even have time to think what they are missing. CHRISTIANS BELIEVES IN ONE & ONLY GOD WHO ANSWER PRAYERS WHO LIVES TODAY AND FOREVER. I want all my dear readers all my dear Indians to be saved from Hell. If you want stay in Good hands which can take you to heaven then try to find out who is GOD, He is the only God who loves you because he is the only god who is alive…


GOD LOVES ALL THE PEOPLE UNDER THE SKY BUT “It is left to individual whether to choose him or not” If you don’t then the only destination of your life would be HELL.


the violance is not because of the convertion, but it because of the fear. some have fear in christianity. to thretten it they startd violence.

I hope Gandhi personally feels the agony of every
christian,muslim, buddhist,sikh and yes, hindu
who is set on fire by these BJP thugees. Mob gang-
rapes and immolation would not have been swept
under the rug by the British if they ruled.

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