Singur Deadlock-Alternative Solutions

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Trinamool Congress Chief

Trinamool Congress Chief

The Trinamool chief, Mamata Banerjee had her way in Singur. The administration stepped aside as hundreds of Trinamool Congress, SUCI, Naxalite and other opposition supporters including national parties like Samajwadi Party laid siege to Durgapur expressway only 50 meters from Tata Motors Nano Plant. The agitation for returning the 400 acres to farmers also saw some prominent personalities.

The day marked by restraint and measured words from both ruling and opposition parties. By steering clear of any confrontation, both sides are buying time to break the ice on Singur deadlock.

The Trinamool chief came up with a surprise offer to the government, pointing to a patch of land opposite the plant on the other side of Durgapur expressway; she said it could be the site for ancillary units. The plot is around 500 acres and currently owned by real estate developers.

Pushing for Industralisation

Pushing for Industrialisation


In the mean time, the Buddhadeb Bhattacharya government is trying to work out a financial package that would appease Mamata Banerjee. Along with the land for land and land for cash schemes there is third alternative of a pension scheme. All 12,624 land losers affected by Tata Motors Nano Plant land acquisition will benefit. Even sharecroppers and small farmers will get a uniform deal regardless of size of agricultural land holding. The pension scheme is going to cost Rs.100 million per annum to the state exchequer


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2 Responses to “Singur Deadlock-Alternative Solutions”

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everything happening in singur is as per the
saying-“what you, so the reap.”being very well aware with the fact that 123 aggrement is i the national
interest but,the still opposed it so, as to
kep their unauthentic values alive …

having feared of losing in next elections – budha babu soon came up with an idea of developing bengal—but
the things are slipping off their hands now …

undoubtedly all sides are posturing. But surely the CPM is reapaing what it sowed over the last 30 years.

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