Save Indian Industry-Save Singur Plant

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Worlds Cheapest Car

World's Cheapest Car

India’s dream car —– the Rs. 1 lakh (around $2500) car “Nano” is in troubled waters, with Trinamool Congress, main opposition political party in West Bengal, forcing a shutdown of work by agitating in front of factory gate in Singur. If this condition continues then Nano, the world’s cheapest car may never roll out from its mother plant in Singur. Industry sources said Tata Motors is also looking at alternate production sites for Nano at places where it has already a manufacturing presence “ We will move, whatever the cost, to protect our people” Tata said.Tata’s statement of pulling out of any venture in India has triggered ripples through business and political circles. Ratan Tata said “I am making a very genuine statement. I don’t have any ulterior motive. I made a major investment, and to move out at this stage will be at great cost for us and our shareholders. The pullout will also cost the state. I don’t know how many Rs. 1,500 crores investments will come to West Bengal. I hope that the state doesn’t get a “troubled state” tag like some other parts of India where investors don’t want to take the risk of investing. When we came to West Bengal, many people thought we had gone mad. We still came here. I have always had a soft corner for the state and its rich potential.” The possible pullout by Tatas also means that 60 odd vendors around Singur plant will also pullout making the state poorer by Rs. 500 crores


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5 Responses to “Save Indian Industry-Save Singur Plant”

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[…] India’s imagine automobile —– the Rs. 1 lakh (around $2500) automobile “Nano” is in harassed waters, with Trinamool Congress, important contestant semipolitical band in West Bengal, forcing a shutdown of impact by provocative in face of works receipts in Singur. If this information continues then Nano, the world’s cheapest automobile haw never listing discover from its care being in Singur. Industry sources said Tata Motors is also hunting at advise creation sites for Nano at places where it has already a manufacturing proximity “ We module move, whatever the cost, to protect our people” Tata said.Tata’s evidence of actuation discover of whatever stake in Bharat has triggered ripples finished playing and semipolitical circles. Ratan Tata said “I am making a rattling veritable statement. I don’t hit whatever ulterior motive. I prefabricated a field investment, and to advise discover at this initiate module be at enthusiastic outlay for us and our shareholders. The pullout module also outlay the state. I don’t undergo how whatever Rs. 1,500 crores investments module become to West Bengal. I wish that the land doesn’t intend a “troubled state” attach same whatever another parts of Bharat where investors don’t poverty to verify the venture of investing. When we came to West Bengal, whatever grouping intellection we had absent mad. We ease came here. I hit ever had a fleecy crossway for the land and its flush potential.” The doable pullout by Tatas also effectuation that 60 mismatched vendors around Singur being module also pullout making the land poorer by Rs. 500 crores View Full Content at Tamal […]

the tatas could have procured the land directly from the land owners which possibly was not possible because of a company policy. they had chosen a strategic location for their plant which suits them best, but the state government too could have shown them alternate locations which could possibly not have evicted the so-called “unwilling” farmers. there are plenty of such locations in west bengal, which may not be logistically that attractive, but which would have not called for such trouble which we are witnessing now. the state government in west bengal is a wretched one and have a bad name of literally devouring many businessmen in the name of commission which they were supposed to pay to different bodies. the list of such oustee businessmen is long who even have appeared in the court of law to confess that govt bodies like the state electricity board has made their lives miserable asking for bribes to carry on their business in the state. through cadres this government is even carrying out “tolabazi” from the mainly muslim street hawkers in the esplanade area of kolkata. so it is really easy to sniff favoritism against a kick back for a leader like mamata bannerjee in the nano project deal. why not the tatas or the state government came out early to disclose and rule out all such doubts in a white paper? the government in bengal is a government by the refugees from Bangladesh, who have already turned West Bengal into a mini Bangladesh by the daily intruders and descendants of the ’70’s refugees from Bangladesh. many of these people believe in achievement through bribery in every stakes of life. Their morale can even permit them to cremate their deceased parents against a commission! They have culturally polluted the state and raped the Bengali language off its purity in form and grammar via print media and tv channels which employ them in mass or even run by them. the cpm party has become omnipresent in premium educational institutes to kill the breeding grounds for talents and generate mediocrity (read, cadres). they have spread politics of interference in every steps of lives of people from the ‘para’ level. interference and mediation through salishi in villages and clubs in urban areas. if mamata bannerjee is a Bin-tugh-lak then Jyoti/Biman/Subhash/Konar are Chowsesku or Saddams.The state has to be saved from the both – the red party as well as the industry-doomer TMC. The people of west bengal do not need any of them. Both of them are posing to be well-wisher of the state, which they are not!!!

Request the Trinamool Congress to withdraw and
stop this cheap publicity of theirs. This stun
t of theirs is not going to get them anywhere
or fetch them any plus votes. Pushing the state
to take a backward stride is not advisable.

We have been witnessing with horror for quite some time, that some hoodlums with the blessings of a section of politicians with vested interests has taken the nation as hostage. One is almost at the verge of utter frustration by the utter irresponsible behaviour of unscrupulous petty politicians endorsed by a section of so called intellectuals masquerading as “friends” of farmers. At this critical hour, it is the need for all people, particularly the students to come forward to defeat the evil design of “People’s enemy” and strengthen the resolve unanimously to begin a new era with “Nano” roll-out, a new resurgent Bengal.

tata should go away from bengal
bengalis will not digest this type of factories due to their small stomach.

bengal politics will ensure that the factory will be polio effected if made.

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