Support Stem Cell Research

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I fully support the idea that adult stem cells should be used in research and killing embryos for embryonic stem cells means killing an individual.But I have three ideas that compelled me to support the research. 

First, millions of stem cells can be produced from a single embryo. These millions are converted to billions in labs for specific purpose. That means one sacrifice can actually save hundreds of lives. A similar thing has been done by researchers of Advance Cell Technology, read the article in my blog.

Secondly, if we stop research like this it hurts the scientific development. That is a compromise with how we live and what better can be done for the community. Research brings valuable knowledge to the society and stopping it now, will actually mean delaying it because even if America bans it others may not and eventually it will occupy its place in scientific arena.

Lastly, when we object research on animals and stem cells, multinational companies do them on humans living in poor countries, which is not acceptable. You will be surprised to know may drugs banned in developed countries and marketed in poor and developing countries.


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One Response to “Support Stem Cell Research”

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I think the rest of the world will continue to with stem cell research. Here is an interesting article on globalization in health care
I think more and more Americans will look abroad for better health care. I truly believe that the U.S. has reached its peak as a hegemon in many respects and it’s power can only decline from here. The U.S. is quickly losing its status as a center of innovation in health care too. The globalization of health care that is discussed in that article should help encourage medical innovation in the rest of the world. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in a stem cell research project in Portugal that is promising as well

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